Club Meetings

1st Tuesday each month -- AARC General Meeting, 7:00pm-9:00pm. Location is usually Applied Research Lab, 10000 Burnet Road, Austin TX. However, due to the current health risk, meetings are held online using Zoom. Email with meeting details is sent to registered AARC members. If you are not a registered member, contact an officer for meeting details.

Meetings are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Please check the Latest News and event info below for any changes to the meeting time or location.

Meeting Minutes have been included in the AARCOVER Newsletter, through November 2020. Beginning with the December 2020 meeting, they are posted online separately on the Meeting Minutes page.

AARC Officers Meeting - generally 1 hour before the general meeting (6:00pm). Contact an officer for details.

2nd Tuesday -- ARES Planning Committee Meeting. 7:00pm. Location: Seton NW Hospital, Conference room D.  -- Currently being held online due to health risks.

4th Tuesday -- Travis County ARES (TCARES) General Meeting. 7:00pm. Location: Applied Research Lab, 10000 Burnet Road, Austin TX -- Currently being held online due to health risks.

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

04/24/2021 Texas Sales Tax Holiday for Emergency Preparedness Supplies
12/01/2020 AARC Christmas Celebration
11/03/2020 AARC Member Meeting - Online (Zoom)
10/06/2020 AARC Member Meeting - Online (Zoom)
09/01/2020 AARC Member Meeting - Online (Zoom)
08/09/2020 DEFCON 28 - Ham Radio Village
08/08/2020 DEFCON 28 - Ham Radio Village
08/07/2020 DEFCON 28 - Ham Radio Village
08/07/2020 Austin Summerfest 2020 - CANCELED
08/04/2020 AARC Member Meeting
07/07/2020 AARC Member Meeting
06/02/2020 AARC Member Meeting
05/05/2020 AARC Member Meeting
05/02/2020 Texas MS 150 -- CANCELED
04/18/2020 Red Poppy Ride
04/07/2020 AARC Member Meeting
03/21/2020 Annual WCARC Swapfest
03/14/2020 Belton Hamfest (Spring)
03/10/2020 TC ARES Officers Meeting
03/07/2020 Irving Hamfest
03/06/2020 2020 Greater Houston Hamfest (Rosenberg)
03/03/2020 AARC Member Meeting
02/25/2020 TC ARES - Monthly Meeting (February Location Change!)
02/22/2020 Orange Hamfest
02/05/2020 HELP WANTED for CATRAC Drill (TCARES)
02/04/2020 AARC Member Meeting
01/28/2020 TC ARES - Monthly Meeting
01/07/2020 AARC Member Meeting
08/24/2019 AARC 100-year Anniversary Banquet
06/25/2019 Travis County ARES Monthly Meeting
06/22/2019 ARRL Field Day - Austin Amateur Radio Club
06/04/2019 AARC Member Meeting
05/28/2019 Travis County ARES Monthly Meeting
05/25/2019 Ham Radio Breakfast
05/18/2019 Ham Radio Breakfast
05/11/2019 Ham Radio Breakfast
05/07/2019 AARC Member Meeting
05/04/2019 Ham Radio Breakfast
03/26/2019 Travis County ARES Monthly Meeting
02/02/2019 28th Annual Lou Withrow SKYWARN Training
01/12/2019 Paul Hargis (W5KA) Birthday Celebration
01/08/2019 AARC Meeting
12/04/2018 Austin Amateur Radio Club - Christmas Party
11/06/2018 AARC Club Meeting - November 2018
11/06/2018 Austin Amateur Radio Club - Monthly Meeting
07/10/2018 AARC Club Meeting
06/23/2018 Field Day 2018 - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
06/05/2018 Austin Amateur Radio Club Meeting
11/07/2017 AARC Club Meeting
07/11/2017 Austin Amateur Radio Club - July Meeting
06/06/2017 AARC General Meeting - June
05/02/2017 AARC General Meeting - May
04/04/2017 AARC General Meeting - April
03/19/2017 TCARES Packet Net
03/19/2017 TCARES Weekly Net
03/07/2017 AARC General Meeting - March
02/07/2017 AARC General Meeting - February 2017

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